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17 Jan 2012

The CompTIA Security+ certification is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).The CompTIA Security+ certification may be kept current through the CompTIA Continuing Education program.

Comptia certification offers updates to its SY0-301 Certification Training Tools absolutely free of charge. For the duration of your Comptia Certification SY0-301 Preparation tool Subscription, you will get the latest and updated SY0-301 Training Tools from Comptia certification.

Which of the following BEST allows Pete, a security administrator, to determine the type, source, and
flags of the packet traversing a network for troubleshooting purposes?
A. Routers
B. Web security gateways
C. Switches
D. Protocol analyzers
Answer: D
Which of the following BEST describes a software vulnerability that is actively being used by Sara and
Jane, attackers, before the vendor releases a protective patch or update?
A. Zero day attack
B. LDAP injection
C. Buffer overflow
D. IV attack
Answer: A

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